The thrifty Patchwork 

family can be 

found inside a converted 

garden shed,

 a miles walk  from the seaside 

town of Trimblebarn Bay.

If you take a walk down Whimsical worlds road , 

the house on the corner of old farm lane. 

walk to the end of the lane and stand on the green recycling box,

 peek over the fence and you will see the broken shed 

that the Tringlez family live and work in.

Outside of the shed is Nate the dog taking a snooze, while his buddy Snoop is on the lookout for pirates.

 Mother and Father Tringle are both working on creating the next generation of Tringlez,

 from the bag of scrap shirts,skirts and sheets,

 they put together left over materials to create these Wonderful  Unique One of a Kind Tringle! , 

sometimes they create other extended family members that are a little fruity , rectangular, square, star or potatoe heads! 

 but they are all 

 Tringlez at heart! 

In this world of mass production, handmade stuffed toys make fantastic personalized gifts for all sorts of occasions (birthdays, Christmas, even Easter and Valentines day) and for all sorts of ages from welcoming a new baby, to toddlers, teens, grandparents and everyone in between!

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Pink Ribbon magnet brooch
Tina Thompson made tringlez
 to raise money for Breast Cancer Care,

Breast Cancer Care

£93 Raised in Easter 2011 , selling tringle chicks for Breast Cancer Care

£143 Raised in Christmas 2011 , selling tringlez for Breast Cancer Care

£286 Raised in 2012 , selling tringlez for Breast
Cancer Care

Total of : £522 , Each Tringle cost £1-£1.50

Each Tringle is Hand made with Love and care 
Thank you very much for choosing to stop by...